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More living through glassWe install windows, sliding doors, winter gardens and glass roofs in South Tyrol

Glass is a very special building material. It has the necessary stability to limit spaces to the outside and create visually appealing separations within the house. At the same time, glass unfolds a fascinating aesthetic that is unmatched by other materials. Its transparency and clarity provide optical highlights, light-flooded rooms, a sense of freedom and openness. In combination with other materials, glass creates the desired lightness of the overall design and is able to set fascinating accents even in a very compact architecture.

And there is no alternative for glass in the ordinary window, in the sliding door or as a more user-oriented material for winter gardens. Our company specializes in glass constructions of all kinds and installs windows in South Tyrol, builds glass roofs and takes on other challenging glass work.

Installation in South Tyrol windows and sliding doors by a professional

In many applications of glass, it is a matter of material quality and professional, safe and energetically reasonable installation. The installation of windows and sliding glass doors are part of our daily work. With all professionalism and routine, we take care to ensure that the applicable standards are respected, and not only that you look unclouded out of the windows, but also that these make a good impression as a prominent part of the façade. In the case of a new building, we work closely with the other construction companies and orient ourselves to the requirements of the architect. In South Tyrol, near windows, we also install their counterparts in the interior – the glass sliding doors. Here, there are many possibilities for designing, to achieve a completely new spatial effect with the right glass door. We produce these sliding glazing with frames made of wood, aluminum, flush with the floor or without frame and, if desired, with a guide rail suitable for the disabled. Our services also include blinds, shades, fly screens and motorized, vertically running glass walls.

Our winter gardens extend your house considerably

The pride of a home is a winter garden that adjoins the house seamlessly. Lush plant splendor, an in-house feel-good lounge, sunny study room or a bright retreat with many possibilities for use – winter gardens expand the house, make it even more attractive and bring the natural environment into the home. We provide almost every house – without damaging the external facade – with a winter garden that is individually adapted in shape and appearance. You will be amazed how many design and design variants are possible even in a manageable area. Besides glass the winter gardens planned and assembled by us can be made of wood, aluminum or steel – nearly everything is possible.

Glass roofs installed by Haitec create clear transparency

Haitec is specialized in special constructions. This also applies to the glass roofs produced by us. Depending on which rooms or exteriors you want to roof, we also design and assemble glass roofs in special sizes up to 18 x 3 meters. These are considerable dimensions that cover the most varied areas and customer requirements. Glass roofs open upwards, let the sunlight in and create a very bright, friendly atmosphere, which is beneficial for reception areas, lobbies, reading rooms, but also for production sites and even for extravagant living rooms. As with the construction of glazed winter gardens, we take utmost care in the assembly of glass roofs. We take care that the outer insulation is not damaged and bring up holding brackets which have been individually selected by you. We provide the complete construction including all additional work.

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As a trade company, we would like to have our jobs, executed to the fullest satisfaction, speaking for us. This is why you will find a small selection of our references on the entire range of services in metal construction – from doors and windows to large-scale glass façades. Please make your own picture of our performance.

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